Study Courses




Hairdressing courses provide you with the vision and timeless core values ​​of hairdressing.

Main study characteristics are small number of students per class, undivided attention of teachers in the development of their knowledge, informational events, hosting of famous internationally renowned professionals and practice on real models.

With clear and concise education, our students learn the techniques of single length, the contours and the structural elements creating the image of Nicolas.

Towards the end of their study, knowledge liberates students to create fresh images, forms and balances for structured and unstructured trends



Face and body aesthetics

Two powerful professions, two core values ​​that define the global market and the needs of each woman.

Your beauty salon prepares you for the big step of your career aiming to your training in aesthetics.

By learning the fundamentals of aesthetics – dermatology, anatomy, physiology, nosology, cosmetic chemistry and special therapies, students gradually acquire the necessary knowledge, while practicing on real models, enhances their development into prestigious professionals with unlimited possibilities to work in the free market of beauty.



Manicure – Pedicure – Artificial Nails

One of the most important and profitable professions in the field of beauty, the Mani-Pedi Salon equipped with knowledge on natural nail anatomy, dermatology, paraffin treatments, use of wheel, artificial nails and nail art, gel, acrylic and silk, French manicure, permanent colour, workspace and tools hygiene.


Professional – Aesthetic Makeup – Body Painting- Hair & Henna Tattoo


“The beauty comes from within,” say the experts.

Makeup however, is the art of absolute transformation, colour and personality balance.

In combination with the styling of hair, the result highlights each woman’s type and makes professionals makeup artists popular in the professional environment they choose.

The Make-Up Art Salon includes courses on Body Painting, Hair & Henna Tattoo for fashionistas.

Makeup is divided into two categories:

Aesthetic including bridal, morning, afternoon and evening makeup.

Professional including theater, film, television, catwalk and photography makeup. In both categories the courses include eyelash application, eyebrow shaping, chromatology and facial anatomy.


Massage – Reflexology – Shiatsu – Aromatherapy


Massage. One of the oldest forms of the Far and Middle East therapy with innumerable benefits for body and mind health.

A therapeutic and rejuvenating method for suggested healthy or sick people with application in many industries.

Shiatsu. In Japanese it means “finger pressure”. It first appeared in early 20th century in Japan and is based on traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. It ensures and improves physical and mental well-being through therapeutic touch and human contact.

Aromatherapy: The plants (herbs) produce oils with healing properties that take care of the physical and mental health of people, the spirit and the harmonization of the soul with the body and the environment for thousands of years.

Reflexology: the effectiveness of therapeutic massage of the legs is remarkably beneficial to all body functions.  A holistic healing art that embraces the individual as a whole in order to bring balance and harmony state to the body, the mind and the spirit.


Accelerated post-studying courses on hairdressing – Styling- Catwalk Seminars


“How is your practice?”

The question key point means that finally we have reached the critical moment for students to “prove” their skills “in practice”!

Nicolas Beauty offers accelerated specialized three or six month seminars on haircuts, hairstyles and dyes workshop.  With countless topics it enhances the knowledge of students on styling, the needs of catwalk and media.

World top names in hairdressing and styling as Claude Tarantino, Eric Leturgie and Julie Cognè, demonstrate and teach the latest techniques of fashion in Paris, London and Rome, as guest teachers invited by the school, with view to deeper training of students on the techniques and trends in hairdressing.

An invaluable tool for students!