School Regulations

Students accepted to the school by enrolling and completing the application form and together with the payment of registration fees. Registration is done automatically with the payment of 20% of the agreed fees apply to all bookings and paid with the approval of the application form. No student s / he will not be approved without registration fees.

Upon completion of registration, the students gets the documents for the beginning of lessons and the monitoring program. In case of withdrawal of the student’s decision to attend the school Nicolas Center of Style, the amount is not refundable.
The remaining amount due for the period of study, every month, in predetermined doses to the 5th of each month.

The monthly installments are Prepaid for the courses of the next month and never postdated. If payments are not pre-empting every month, will not allow the student s / he further attendance.

Tuition payments are not refundable but may be credited against a future booking. All fees include VAT The academy receives all payments without reservations, in the event of payment to a bank account.

In case of cancellation of courses due to extreme unforeseen circumstances, government intervention, act of God, terrorism, extreme weather or strikes, the Nicolas Center of Style accepts no responsibility debt money. In this case, the courses can be re-programmed at a convenient date for the school and the students.

If the students fails to attend some lessons, no refund is not given and no later date is not offered in replacement of lost hours or days.

If the students fails to attend or not completing the course for any reason, no refund is not given.

The fees do not include travel, accommodation, food or drinks during the course. All tuition and courses are subject to change without prior notice.

The school Nicolas Center of Style not working on official national holidays during Christmas and Easter.
All courses are from Monday – through Friday unless otherwise indicated by the management of the School.
Timetables concerning each course separately and the students must keep consistency in their attendance on them.
Students attend classes at their own hairdressing tools: scissors, combs, brushes, clips, etc.

The school provides all electrical equipment, shampoos, cosmetics and products, paints and all consumables for practical training.

The school will provide models for practice and demonstration of the technical work, however, the school can not guarantee the presence of models for all practical exercises and options will be proposed. All students are required to bring their model for practical work for at least two sessions per academic program.

The courses are based on a defined schedule for each day and if a student is absent for any reason, are unable to attend a course at any time and no money returned for this reason.

The school is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft to the student tools or their personal effects and advises students not to bring their valuables.

Due to copyright, no such recording demonstrations or dvd, presentations of photographs and seminars.

In case of complaints about the curriculum, the request may be on presentation in writing to the administration of the faculty within 48 hours of the incident.

Any complaint will be examined by the school and any decision on tuition reimbursement or other events, will be made by the faculty board and the decision will be final.

The Academy is not responsible for any incidental, consequential or punitive damages in this respect. Students receive diplomas to successful completion of all program have attended and their success in the final examination.

Absent students over 10 days (without advice illness and doctor license) prohibits their participation in the final exams of the study program and may result in dismissal from the course. Assessment will be given in specific cases after board. The decision of the school director will be final. The school Nicolas center of Style does not guarantee job placement of graduates.

Payment Details:If you cancel a program up to 28 days in advance, can be re-programmed to the new date. Refunds before 28 days prior to a course subject to a cancellation charge of 15%. The cancellation within 28 days and 14 days of arrival is subject to a financial penalty for cancellation 50%. The cancellation within 14 days of arrival is subject to a financial penalty for cancellation 100%.