Career choice is the most important point in the life of a young person and is defined by the desires, trends and personal talents of each individual. The knowledge acquired by students through education is the strongest basis for their professional future.

The school Nicolas Beauty accommodates more than 300 students per year, with particular attention to proper training and professional preparation for the career they will follow.

Nicolas Beauty provides concrete and comprehensive training in hairdressing, aesthetics and mani/pedi care, in a modern 7-store building of 1000m2, full of inspiration and functional design.

Acclaimed professional teachers impart to students of the school all the modern techniques of the profession and transpose the international trends of global centers of hairdressing.

The vision and philosophy of Nicolas Beauty, every year, is a new generation of students to graduate possessing full technical and commercial knowledge; important skills for a promising career.

Through an educational program that is based besides theory, especially in practice, on live models, on haircuts, colours, dyes and sell-out hairstyles providing the student in one year complete knowledge and experience that will make him efficient  and competitive.

Travelling abroad with scholarships for the best students in the greatest schools of Europe broadens the students’ horizons at European level.

Nicolas salons network as a first stop gives students the opportunity to practice and enables them to adapt in reality forming a standard for a bright career start.

Contact Details

Address: Zinonos 28, Athens 10437


Phone: +30 210 5246300

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