What is it worth?

  • The marketing policy towards the market and competition
  • The concept: from trade to management
  • Ownership of the franchisor
  • Expertise and transmission of it
  • Permanent assistance
  • Profitability
  • Balance between independence and respect for rules
  • Balance of the contract

Does my franchisor provide the following benefits?

  • Faster and more secure start
  • Less costly franchise
  • More efficient franchise
  • Reduction of risk
  • Profitability of the capital invested
  • Higher professional control
  • Knowledge of a new profession
  • Permanent assistance
  • Ability to promote the development of the concept

Does my franchisor provide the following services?

Before opening:

  • Help in research and negotiations about the location
  • Support for carrying out the feasibility study and the bank negotiation
  • Help with regulating the selling proposition
  • Training for the franchisee and his staff
  • Help with administrative actions

For opening:

  • Delivery and installation of stocks
  • Delivery and installation of furniture and equipment
  • Advertising for promotion
  • Assistance in opening

After opening:

  • Continuous training
  • Promotional plans, advocacy and promotion of brand advertising
  • Organization of meetings, seminars, committees
  • Periodic visits (checking, vitality, help)
  • Organization of transport and data processing
  • Respect for financial and contractual obligations
  • Report of suppliers, terms of markets, etc.
  • Implementation of the marketing strategy of the franchisor
  • Respect for the rules
  • Obligation to follow the evolution of the concept and know-how
  • Obligation of exclusive supply
  • Respect for the financial obligations
  • Respect for the contractual obligations