In every season… Nicolas Coiffure

The artistic group «Nicolas Coiffure» in its stores, welcomed the director Manousos Manousakis. By Nicolas edited all the preparation, styling and hairdressing actors for the needs of the film. The cooperation was completed perfectly and the result written to the lens … magical! The shooting of the film ‘OUZERI TSITSANIS “began on March 2 and will hit theaters on December 3, 2015.With great pleasure, pride, emotion and confidence, reflected in the hair of actors across the glittering fashion history of the 40s, where the cinema has played its own role in fashion. Mysterious divas of old movies, fascinated with striking faux-bob and pinback as well as the flappers in their daily lives. Loose wavy curls with the parting on the side, dominated the women’s hairstyles 40s like Lauren Bacall and Veronica Lake, full of glam and romance.

In this way, Nicolas adjusted the hairstyle and stressed strict lines as part of that time played the tape. With his creative interventions, the result just captured the aura of ’42, where the lines of the hairstyle was determinative and fascinated at the time.