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Either natural or dyed 86% of women find that their hair lack of shine. Every year we have our hair brushed 750 times, dried 175 times, straightened 75 times and washed 150 times.
We have 100,000-150,000 hairs on our heads. Each hair follicle produces hairs 25 times. 25-100 hairs fall every day.
The laboratories Energy Cosmetics created the series Smooth Express to provide a solution to all these problems. Among the valuable ingredients, argan oil, phytokeratine, aloe vera and all other nutrients, seal the hair cuticles, repair its cracks, strengthen and protect it against any attack.

The fruits of nature in their absolute potential embrace Gold 24K. Argan oils enhance hair sleek feel, strengthening, restructuring and smoothing. Enriched with hydrolysed proteins of keratin, wheat, rice, silk and aloe vera oils, they leverage hair providing shine from root to tips.

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